Hola, I'm Adamari
Multi-Media Designer
Adamari is a designer, a.k.a a creative problem solver. She likes to be a jack of all trades by learning about anything that catches her interest or curiosity and finds ways to incorporate it into design. She is inspired by emerging technology, the media she consumes, and her daydreams. 
Her design goal is to craft clever solutions and enhance experiences through thoughtful design. Visually, she enjoys creating playful designs by working with contrast, organic lines, and color. Most importantly, she aims to make designs that deliver a memorable experience and resonate with audiences.
In her free time, she enjoys doing her nails, watching YouTube, geeking over new tech news and going out to roller and ice skate.
As people and the world are constantly changing, she values evolving her work, techniques, and finding crafty solutions for everything she does, while having fun in the process.
Personal Projects
More design stuff I do in my freetime :)
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